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Because central New Jersey’s native plants and wildlife evolved together, they are highly adapted to and dependent upon each other.  The nutrition provided by native plants is especially critical for wildlife at energy-intensive times of the year, such as spring and fall migration, and during courtship and breeding. In turn, native plants rely upon wildlife for pollination and seed dispersion.  Whereas indigenous plants support diversity and disease-resistance, invasive species form monocultures that outcompete other plants. Replacing them with native species, which co-exist, creates a complex, vibrant ecosystem vital to both plants and animals.

D&R Greenway’s plants are grown from seeds gathered on their preserves, and from locally sourced plugs and bare-root plants.  They are tended in the nursery throughout the year by staff and skilled volunteers. 

D&R Greenway Land Trust has preserved 19,000 acres of land in central New Jersey. Their mission is to preserve a network of natural lands and open space accessible to the public, and to inspire a conservation ethic through educational programming, including increasing awareness of the benefits of native species.  The nursery provides plants for habitat restoration projects on D&R Greenway managed land, for use by home gardeners, and for native garden projects by schools and other conservation non-profits.

The nursery is located at D&R Greenway's Johnson Education Center at One Preservation Place, Princeton, New Jersey. You may view the entire plant catalog here, but please email or call (609.924.4646) Emily Blackman, Nursery Manager, for current species availability.

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