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Spirit by William Vandever

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Marie L. Matthews Gallery
at the Johnson Education Center

This gallery has on exhibit works from a variety of media, inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Marie L. Matthews Gallery is located inside a circa 1900's restored barn that is also home to D&R Greenway Land Trust.

You may visit the galleries during weekdays from 10am to 5pm, except for holidays.
Please call 609.924.4646 ahead of time to ensure that art exhibitions are viewable in all rooms.

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The video catalog of previous art shows can be found on our YouTube channel.

Top Introductory Photo - Spirit by William Vandever, Digital archival print


Current Exhibit:

"Coexisting Structures: Artists, Architects, and Nature"

Exhibit is open for viewing through May 29

Artists and architects study patterns in nature to design a built environment compatible with the natural order. This exhibit is a visual celebration and exploration of this balance.


Whirlwind by Marina Ahun


Exhibiting Artists:
Marina Ahun, Fred Diseroad, George Donovan, Richard Farmer,
Susan Hockaday, Bill Hoo, Robert Kear, Jonathon Wells

Architectural Designs:
Michael Graves Architecture & Design, Ford 3 Architects LLC, Studio Hillier,
The New Jersey Barn Company, Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design



Previous Exhibit:

"High Noon to Midnight Moon: Talismans of the Horizon"

Explore the celestial wonders of our skies as artists interpret the heavenly objects that have guided explorers for centuries. Find out whoo comes out at night and who thrives in the daylight. Night owls and early birds welcome!

Moon Light by Deborah Land


Exhibiting Artists:
Silvere Boureau, Annelies van Dommelen, Lora Durr, Deborah Land,
Kathleen Liao, Paula Pearl, Rye Tippett, Diane Tomash, Ray Yeager



Previous Exhibit:

"Botanicals Illuminated"

Light and flowers illuminate the darkest days of the year. Stimulating creations from award-winning botanical illustrators and artists inspired by plants found on D&R Greenway preserves. Includes selections from Art+10, a Princeton-regional group of artists, presenting Native Plants of New Jersey from Christmas fern to the Paw Paw tree.

Trillium (red) by Betty Curtiss


Botanical Artists: Chiara Becchi, Carrie Di Constanzo, Fran Henig, Ann Hoffenberg,
Robin Jess, Lanis Monfried, Carol O’Neill, Carol Woodin

Art+10 Artists: Priscilla Algava, Heather Barros, Jim Bongartz, Betty Curtiss,
Katja De Ruyter, Suzanne Dinger, Jeaninne Honstein, Ryan Lilienthal, Meg Michael,
Tasha O’Neill, Gill Stewart  

Additional Artists: Karen McLean, Carol Sanzalone, Madelaine Shellaby

Previous Exhibit:

"People of Preservation"

Guest Curator: Dana Koeppel

Cadillac Mountain by Ray Yeager


Be inspired by those who have preserved land to benefit us all!
From wildlands philanthropist Kris Tompkins in Patagonia, to national figures and local landowners, art will draw from these special places.

Exhibiting Artists: Anita Bernarde, Rosemary Blair, Murrell Butler, N.J. Devico,
James Fiorentino, Lucia Huebner, Grace Previty Johnston, Ruth Jourjine, Joe Kazimierczyk, Joy Kreves, Juliet Martin, Susan MacQueen, Joan Needham, Mary Louise Pierson,
Marie Sturken, Ray Yeager



Previous Exhibit:

"Seasonal Splendors"

Garden State Watercolor Society Signature Members Show

Canal Mist by Frank Perry


Gallery Walk and Talk with artist Charles McVicker
On Wednesday, July 23, from 5 to 7 p.m., Charles McVicker will give a Gallery Walk and Talk. This is a rare opportunity to absorb the artist's perspective from this celebrated exhibiting artist and former docent at the Princeton Art Museum.

Exhibiting Artists' Demonstrations
Wednesday, July 23, every hour from 10:30am til 5:00pm
Schedule listed below:

11:00am - "How to Set Up Your Floral Arrangement then Paint It" with Sheila Redford

1:00pm - "Painting Vegetables In Watercolor" with Suzanne Hunt

3:00pm - Collage demonstration with Aida Birritteri


All of the events above are free and open to the public.

Previous Exhibit:

"Oasis and Mirage: Disappearing Water

Passage by Richard Rappleyea

Oasis and Mirage: Disappearing Water is a juried art exhibit that features artistic interpretations of water to communicate the importance and beauty of water to our lives and our ecosystems. Plentiful, polluted, scarce, and inspiring.

Exhibition dates: March 31 – May 23

Reception: Friday, April 11, 5:30-7:30pm

Exhibiting Artists:
Marina Ahun, Bob Barish, Clara Beym, Beatrice Bork, Silvere Boureau, Gail Bracegirdle, Deb Brockway, Peter Burt, Cynthia S Campbell, Jean Childs Buzgo, Connie Dierks, Suzanne Dinger, Lynn Ebeling, Eugene Gladston, Fred Gardner, Carl Geisler, Donna Gratkowski, Kate Graves, Ann Guidera-Matey, Bill Hoo, Brenda Jones, Joy Kreves, Leslie Kuenne, Deborah Land, Mary Allessio Leck, Donna Levinstone, Byron Lum, Frank Magalhães, Rory Mahon, Wiebke Martens, William McCarroll, Lucy Graves McVicker, Bill Metz, Marge Miccio, Halina Nawrot, Tasha O'Neill, Beth Parcell Evans, Paula Pearl, Elizabeth Peck, Teresa Prashad, Janet Purcell, Isaiah Ratterman, Linnea W. Rhodes, Richard Rappleyea, Michelle Rosenthal, Denise and Edward Saldutti and Petersen, Eileen Shanley, Madelaine Shellaby, C.A. Shofed, Stefanie Silverman, Margaret Simpson, Priscilla Snow Algava, Marie Stile, Diane Tomash, Nancy Lynn Toolan, William Vandever, Lynn Varga, Samuel Vovsi, Mary Waltham, Alice Warshaw, Joy Yagid, Peter Zdenek, Anne Zeman

Previous Exhibit:

"Wild Creatures: 40 Years Protecting Endangered Species"

Portrait of a Tiger by James Fiorentino


As endangered species transition from reality to legend, we are reminded of the history that surrounds our endangered and extinct wildlife. A visual and educational exploration of both the spiritual beauty and harsh realities that relate to the animals we love, from the familiar to the exotic.

Exhibiting Artists: Annelies van Dommelen, James Fiorentino, Susan Hoenig,
Tom Mills, Dallas Piotrowski, Tricia Zimic, Megan Uhaze, Lynn Varga

Marie L. Matthews
Marie L. Matthews

The Marie L. Matthews Gallery was named in honor of Marie L. Matthews, a noted Princeton artist. Marie Matthews lived a full life as an accomplished nature photographer, very active in philanthropic affairs. She raised a family and traveled widely. She graduated from the University of California-Berkeley and received a Masters Degree in Education from Goucher College. She served as a trustee of the Lymphoma Research Foundation, Corner House Foundation, and Mothers 2 Mothers Program. The generous spirit of Marie lives on in the Marie L. Matthews Gallery.

Olivia Rainbow Gallery

Named by Leslie and Chris Kuenne of Princeton in memory of their daughter Olivia, a burgeoning artist who loved the outdoors, the gallery exhibits works of children and students from pre-school through high school ages. Throughout the year, changing exhibits mirror the theme of the art displayed in the Marie L. Matthews Gallery.

Current exhibit:

"Seeing the Forest and the Trees"

Natural Art by Johnson Park School Students

Art teacher: Linda Gates




The Jay Vawter Decoy Collection

Close to eighty artistic carved decoys were gifted by collector Jay Vawter of Princeton to D&R Greenway Land Trust in February 2012.  This gift seeks to inspire a conservation ethic by creating appreciation for the waterfowl and bird species on display. 

Jay Vawter

D&R Greenway’s work to preserve critical natural habitats – including marshes and wetlands, rivers and streams – was the impetus behind the gift.

An astute collector of high quality decoys, when Jay Vawter learned his children were not interested in inheriting his collection, he decided they would make a perfect charitable gift.  He selected D&R Greenway as the recipient because: “D&R Greenway preserves lands full of these birds.”

Many of the decoys in the Vawter Collection have won awards, such as a Merganser drake that won best in show at the Ward World Championships. Lem and Steve Ward, hunters and fisherman, weren’t trained artists but developed their ability to create lifelike birds by observing birds in the marshes and waterways.  In 1975, the Ward Museum opened in Salisbury, Maryland. Every decoy in the Vawter Collection was carved by an artist represented in the state-of-the-art Ward Museum.

Current exhibit:

Carver Ben Heinemann



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